Can You List All The Past Winners Of The Lagos Principals Cup?

Can You List All The Past Winners Of The Lagos Principals Cup?

The Lagos Principals Cup is a phenomenal football tournament that has produced outstanding players like Stephen Keshi (St Finbarrs College), Sunday Oliseh (Methodist Boys High School), Dosu Joseph (Methodist Boys High School), Henry Nwosu (St Finbarrs College), Tarilla Okorowanta (St Gregory’s College), Franklin Howard (St Gregory’s College), Anthony Enahoro (St Gregory’s College) and many more.

The competition was almost as popular and captivating as the National League. Matches were broadcast live on Radio Nigeria and whole communities adopted school teams (Bariga for CMS [the “Bariga Bombers”], Obalende for St Gregory’s, etc).

There was also, unfortunately, the unbelievable and legendary acts of violence (it’s hard to believe that secondary school kids were capable of such insanity), such as the battles between Baptist Academy and Igbobi College (Bapts Acad students blockaded the highway to ensure that the Igbobi team would not make it to the match venue and thus forfeit the game) and St Gregory’s College vs Boys Academy (Boys Academy were aggrieved after losing a game to Greg’s and decided to ritually attack St Gregory’s at the end of every school day).

There was also good clean fun. There were the “old boys”, who came to support the teams with their school ties and luxury cars. There were the female schools that came to support their brother schools. The songs, rented danfos, molues, trumpets, etc that all added to the fun.

However, shockingly, I discovered that there’s no record online of past winners of the Principals Cup. I have decided, with your assistance, to compile a list of past winners. You can also share your memories of this great competition.

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Re: Can You List All The Past Winners Of The Lagos Principals Cup? by naptu25:25am On Nov 202013

Bergedorf Cup for junior sides

1938 ZAC 4-3 LTC Junior [replay after draw]

1942 ZAC 2nd XI (‘Spitfires’)

Name changed to Zard Cup. Restricted to secondary schools

1948 Methodist Boys High School (Lagos) 2-0 Baptist Academy

1949 St Gregory’s College beat Baptist Academy

1950 St Gregory’s College

1951 St Gregory’s College beat Baptist Academy

1952 St Gregory’s College beat Baptist Academy

1953 King’s College

1954 St Gregory’s College

1955 Baptist Academy beat St Gregory’s College





1960 Ahmadiyya College bt CMS Grammar School

1961 Methodist Boys High School.

1962 St Finbarrs College


1964 Kings College

1965 Ahmadiya College

1966 St Finbarrs College


1968 St Finbarrs College

1969 St Finbarrs College

1970 Zumratul-Islamiya Grammar School

1971 St Finbarrs College

1972 St Finbarrs College

1973 St Finbarrs College


1975 CMS Grammar School

1976 CMS Grammar School defeats St Finbarrs

1977 St Finbarrs College

1978 St Gregory’s College

1979 St Gregory’s College

1980 CMS Grammar School

1981 St Gregory’s College

1982 St Gregory’s College





1987 St Finbarrs beat St Gregory’s College


Malta Guinness Lagos Principals Cup










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2009 Newland Secondary School.

GTBank Lagos Principals Cup*

2010 Oriwu Senior Model College

2011 Egan Senior Secondary School

2012 Dairy Farm Senior Secondary School


*The competition has been split into two – the Principals Cup for regular schools and the Heritage Cup for the older schools (the super schools smiley) like St Finbarrs College, St Gregory’s College, Kings College, Methodist Boys High School, Baptist Academy, Ansar-Ud-Deen, Anwar-Ul-Islam and Igbobi College. A female competition has also been created

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