School Management System



WEBGURU SCHOOL MODEL is a Primary and Secondary School Management Information System which enables the effective management of human resources and students’ academic records. It generates sophisticated digital report sheets and comprehensive statistical charts reports which adequately analyze students’ academic performance in applicable subjects. It manages the financial transactions (such as staff loan and staff salary) of the school. It is also capable of Short Messaging Service (SMS) automatic delivery of students’ result notifications to parents’ mobile phones at a single mouse-click as well as Electronic Mail notifications. Our watch-word is “Flexibility and Sophistication at its Simplicity”.



It helps Streamline and automates your entire admission process

Admission Management Module handles the entire Admission Process of Students. It helps educational institutions manage enquiry forms & application forms; student registration and admission approval. Right from the stage of admission tests/interviews to assignment of the right class and section to the newly admitted student, this module allows for efficient management of the entire admission process.


  • Record admission data
  • Manage student registration and admission approval for specific classes and sections
  • Improve visibility of admission data and make available a ready database for reference


  • Minimized errors in Documentation of Admission Data
  • Streamlined Admission Process
  • Greater visibility of Admission Data
  • Simpler Admission Process with seamless integration with the subsequent WebGuru School Model 1.0 modules


Accurately track student attendance & automate your attendance system on student report cards.

Student Attendance is reflection of discipline and punctuality of the student. Every educational institution wants the tracking of attendance to be error free and effortless. A WebGuru School Model 1.0 Attendance Management module helps manage Student attendance and leaves. Attendance information is automatically transferred to Report Cards to reduce the school’s effort.


  • Record and manage student attendance
  • Transfer attendance information automatically into report cards
  • Student attendance tracking through alerts on SMS and email for Parents


  • Minimized error and effort towards attendance management
  • Time savings over copying and forwarding attendance records
  • Anytime, anywhere access to attendance records for Parents, Teachers and School Administration


When a student or group of student in a particular class passes their examination, the Batch transfer module is used to move that particular Student or Group of Student records in the database to his or her newly promoted class. Just like moving a Student or a group of Student in Basic One to Basic Two.


You can create a final exam or test exams for students. It has the countdown timer feature installed.

  • Create different types of exams based on grades, marks etc
  • Online exams services
  • Extensive Report centre
  • Generate report for required exams
  • Automated, quick and on demand report generation


It optimizes the use of your finances with a bird’s eye-view of key finance data and Streamline. Strengthen your Fee collection process with online fee payment and automatic reminders via SMS.

It has 3 special features: bank fee payment, online fee payment and scratch card fee payment. This module automates fee processing, bank reconciliation, reminders, fee collection and reporting. It allows the management to track different receipts, scratch card logs and miscellaneous collections. Periodic reports generated by this module are sent to the management.


  • It manages salary structure of Human resources
  • It manages Salary increment structure
  • It manages Allowance of Human resources
  • It manages Loan structure of Human Resources
  • Fee processing automation
  • School fee collections and reporting automation
  • Online fee payment facility for Parents
  • Scratch Card payment facility for Parents


  • Streamlined Fee Collection and Recording
  • Payment Receipt generated automatically in the student panel and can be printed out.
  • Accurate and efficient Fee processing
  • Reduced workload and timely fee payments due to enablement of online fee payment
  • Access to financial records of Human Resources easily.


Manage student accommodation in a convenient and secure manner

Hostel Management employs a practical approach to assign hostel rooms to students. It allows the school to customize the system by inputting room types, number of rooms, and their capacity. It facilitates management of hostel activities, room allotment, and room availability. It also coordinates the fee of student using the hostel facility.


  • Manage hostel applications, room allotment, and room availability
  • Customizable system that allows users to input room types, rooms, and their capacity


  • Minimized error and effort towards hostel management
  • Anywhere access to records for Parents, Teachers and School Administration


Enjoy the benefits of world class book cataloguing & referencing

Library Management Module automates the school’s library, store resource details including books, journals & multimedia resources for easy retrieval later and manages stock verification, enables search and reservation of the resources online, manages serial and subscription management including issue, return and reservations.


  • Manage stock verification, enable search and reservation of the resources online, manage serial and subscription management including issue, return and reservations
  • Manage departmental libraries and inter-library transfers, stores details including books, journals & multimedia resources


  • Easier borrowing and record management process for students as well as for the librarian
  • A secure and safe central repository for ready reference for use in different administration and library reports


Automate your HR activities and keep your workforce happy and motivated

This Module helps in synchronizing all HR functions of schools. It helps admission of human resources, allocating a role to a newly employed personnel.  For maximum usability, login ID’s are made available for each individual.


Employee Self Service Portal


A common place for managing all HR activities of school


  • Basic education institute information can be given
  • Managing courses and batches
  • Managing subjects


  • Edit/Delete Data categories created
  • Manage entire data of the students record
  • Search for Student Records
  • Customise the fields as required by the user himself
  • Robust data management system available


Efficient & intelligent timetable generation for perfect synergy between the schools resources and student time

An efficient and intelligent Time Table design ensures that there is perfect synergy between the schools resources and the time students spend in school. But designing a Time Table that truly is the best arrangement is tough. When this task is done manually, there is a risk that it is less than optimal and might need several iterations before it becomes efficient. WebGuru School Model 1.0 Time Table module saves schools the trouble and automatically generates the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time table of the entire school based on school preferences.


  • Automatic generation of school timetables – customized as per their preferences
  • Efficiently plan time of faculty members and staff


  • Accurate timetable generation as design based on school constraints
  • Timetable generation for students
  • Timetable generation for Teachers
  • Manages stress levels of students and teachers


Ensure safe and secure student transportation management

Transport Management module provides a fully automated system for managing the routes of hundreds of students travelling on their school buses daily. It enables safe and timely transportation to students from their boarding station to the school and back. It provides information about Bus Availability at a desired destination; manages new requests for transport; manages inventory of School Bus and takes care of Route Planning.


  • Fully automated system for managing the bus routes for efficient student transportation
  • Manage information about bus availability at desired destination, new request for transport, inventory of school bus
  • Route planning


  • Direct and integrated communication channel with parents
  • Easy alert management for School Administration


  • Search for any users using the search bar
  • View profile of all users based on the roles
  • View/Edit users password and privileges
  • Set privileges to users as per their roles
  • Allows organisation to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility


With WebGuru School Model SMS Module, the school Management can send SMS on School Fee Payment, Child’s health alert, special announcement, result checking notification and so on.


  • Send SMS to all Students
  • Send SMS to all Guardian
  • Send SMS to all Teachers
  • Send Single SMS
  • Send SMS to single or group users at a click


It is a robust, scalable and user-friendly solution for converting marks into Grades according to School Guidelines and generates sophisticated Report Cards.


  • Grade Level Settings
  • Set Exam name and the term
  • Practical Skills settings
  • Remarks Settings
  • Character Development Settings
  • Sophisticated Exam Report Card Generation


This module checks on a daily basis to see if a student is celebrating his/her birthday and automatically sends a happy birthday message to the mobile number of the parent or guardian of that student.


  • It reduces effort of checking on paper which student is celebrating his/her birthday, WebGuru School Model Birthday Module does it itself
  • It helps build the image of the school and parent will keep talking about it to their friends.


You can create custom scratch card both for school fee payment and result checking.


  • It has a section where you can generate Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Serial Number and assign an amount to it for school fee payment.
  • You can likewise generate Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Serial Number for Result Checking.
  • Cost-Effective, Simple to setup and easy to distribute
  • Full control over the total number of students that have paid their fees
  • It helps in brand recognition also.

We hope you find our software system worthy of your approval and acceptance.




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