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Product Description:

Immune booster contains Garlic oil, vitamin C, Cod liver oil, Ginger extract, peppermint oil, Selenium, Echinacea, and Citrus- Bioflavonoid which helps to invigorate the body immune system. It has a dual regulatory effect on immune deficient cases with an appropriate suppressive action on hyper immunity.

Health Benefits:

  • It helps to build the immune system and regulate it

  • It prevent the problem of hypo and hyper immunity

  • It improves the body natural defence against invaders

  • It fight infections caused by germs and viruses

  • It neutralizes the effect of anti oxidants

  • It boosts the energy level of the body

  • It enhances the activities of lymphocytes in the body

  • It is a natural antibiotic

  • It helps the heart by keeping fragment of cell platelet from forming dangerous blood clot

  • It has anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory action

  • It gives the body high resistance against frequent infection

  • It protects against cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and symptoms of aging

    Price: ₦4,550

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