iCharity Club

Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The power of 6,000

This is one of the great program am always proud of because of its unlimited income, thereby putting smiles on members faces while they find their ways to the Bank. Great program indeed, Great testimonies! Its gives me great joy each time I heard from people I’ve brought into this awesome platform so far.

When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important. Ellen DeGeneres

(iCharity Club) is an International network of donors. iCharity. Club is a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other. It is open to everybody, anywhere in the world can join this program.

It begins with an investment of just #6000

You earn immediately you refer

Money keeps coming to you till infinity

Your money increases without limits

Money is paid directly to your bank account

You can become a millionaire overnight

It’s the easiest MLM ever created:


I charity is a platform where members donate to members. You join icharity by your donation to a member or the person that introduced you.

Your first donation money is 6,000 and your upline approves you to join icharity

Then u start your way to millions

STAGE ONE: 5 people donate to you i.e 6000×5=30,000 with this 5 people you introduced you are through with stage one.

Since you are through with stage one, You will also pay 12,000 to your Upliner i.e the person that introduced you and you join stage two.

STAGE TWO: 25 people donate 12,000 to you i.e 12,000×25=300,000

STAGE THREE: 125 people donate 24,000 to you


STAGE FOUR: 625 people donate 36,000 to you


STAGE FIVE: 3125 people donate 60,000 to you


This is the power of 6,000

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Referring 5 new members is our primary assignment.

It’s expected of every member to refer 5 new members in Grade 1.

It’s a onetime duty because in Grade 2 you will get 300,000 naira without referring anybody, in your Grade 3 you will get 3 million naira without referring anybody; in your Grade 4 you will get 22.5 Million naira without referring anybody and will not refer anybody for the rest of the Grades. NOTE – when there are no Free members upgrading to Grade 1, there will be no Grade 1 members, also when there are no Grade 1 members upgrading to Grade 2, there will be no Grade 2 members and so on.

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